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 #4~ Flashback

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PostSubject: #4~ Flashback   7/30/2013, 6:08 pm

I see my life flash before my eyes. The world fades into darkness. Suddenly I’m back, back in my past; reliving the worst part of my life. I know the day. Darky had disappeared and been thought dead not long before.
I fiddled with the picture in my hands and blinked back the tears that sprung to my eyes. They forced their ways to my eyes anyway and began to stream down my cheeks. A sob broke free, then another. Tears were rushing full force down my cheeks now. I dropped the picture and flopped onto my messy bed. A knock sounded on my door; I ignored it. The door creaked open and someone came into my room. “Willow are you alright?” my younger sister’s concerned voice asked.
I sat up and looked at Fear. The tears continued but the sobs stopped. “NO! I’m not alright! He’s dead Fear, dead! How can he be dead?” I asked.
Fear crossed the room and sat on the bed beside me. I welcomed her hug and leaned on her. “Darky loved you Willow, I know he did. I think he would want you to move on though. Maybe if you write a-” she said before I cut her off.
“I don’t want to write. I don’t want to do anything but die!” I protested, anger at Darky’s death coming over me.
A new wave of sobs came over me before I could say anything more. “Willow you can’t die. We love you, we need you… I need you,” a new voice, from the doorway, said gently.
I looked up to see my older sister Halo, standing in the doorway. “You didn’t love him like I do,” I accused her.
I glared at Halo and flopped back on the bed, turning my back to both of them. “Willow I know Darky was your boyfriend, but we both loved him. Sonic and Ghosty did too,” Halo said softly.
I shut my eyes and ignored her. Silence came over the room and I shuddered. When Sonic and Ghosty had told me of Darky’s death the same silence had taken over. “I loved him the day I met him,” I whispered.
The expected answer didn’t come. I opened my eyes to find an empty and dark room. The darkness seemed to squeeze me. I couldn’t help it; I screamed. Footsteps pounded on the stairs. The door flew open. Light flooded into the room. I stopped screaming. My adopted sister, Jagged, hit the light switch. “What’s wrong Willow?” she asked, sounding concerned.
My breath came in ragged gasps. With the light on I calmed down though. “The dark… A hand… Strangled me,” I managed to say, my eyes wide with fright.
Jagged sighed quietly and gave a sympathetic look. I swung my legs over the side of the bed. With great effort I heaved myself up off the bed and Jagged rushed to give me a supporting hand. I hadn’t been out of my room for three days; not since Darky died. I had refused food and rarely drank water in that time. “Food,” I demanded in a raspy voice.
My request for food must have surprised Jagged because her eyes widened in shock as she scurried to find something to eat. I crossed the room to my dresser and dug in it for clothes then hurried to dress. I had on my comfiest pair of Jeans and a loose shirt when Jagged returned with a bowl of soup. I took it and devoured it hungrily.
When I was full I shoved the bowl away and stood up again. I headed for the door and Jagged watched me in shock. She must’ve gotten night watch because no one else had woken up at my scream. I headed directly for the front door. Jagged fell behind; she wanted to tell my sisters no doubt. As I passed through the kitchen I saw it was three in the morning but I didn’t care. I opened the door and stepped into the cool summer air. I headed across the lawn and to our neighbours house.
I smiled sadly at the memory of the most recent Christmas, the one where I had met Jagged. Halo and I had fought because I had a key into the house. But it was also the Christmas Mom had died so it brought back sad memories.
I raised my hand and knocked on the door then stepped back to wait. When no one answered I rang the doorbell and Jagged reappeared as I waited. The door swung open to reveal 15 year-old Ghosty. He was frowning until he saw me. “Ghosty I’m sorry. I don’t know what she’s thinking,” Jagged hurried to say.
Ghosty’s frown turned into a grin. He pulled me into a hug then stepped back. “Come on in Willow, you too Jagged,” he said.
He disappeared up the stairs to wake up Sonic. Jagged took my hand and lead me inside to the couch. I sat down and stared out the window. Sonic sleepily joined us in the living room, followed by Ghosty. Sonic gave me a surprised look and sat on the couch across from me. “What’s up, Willow? I know it’s something,” Sonic asked, getting right to the point.
I turned to stare at him for a moment. “Why does everyone I love die?” I asked; the question had been on my mind a lot the past three days.
Sonic stared at me; he clearly didn’t know what to say. Ghosty bit his lip and looked away. Jagged took a deep breath and looked me in the eye. “Death is everywhere. It is inevitable. I know it seems like it’s just you, but others grieve as well,” the answer came from Jagged.
I held back more tears and studied the floor. “Jagged, you should go home. We’ll take care of her,” Sonic said softly.
I felt uneasy hearing him say that, although Jagged simply nodded and headed home. Ghosty turned back to me and gave me a warm and sleepy smile then headed back to bed. Sonic lead me up the stairs and to the guest room. He flicked on the light and I headed in and curled up on the bed. I was asleep in seconds.
When I woke up Mrs. Crosshawk was knitting in a chair by my bed. I looked at her before I rolled over and went back to sleep.
When I woke up again hunger drove me out of bed. I clumsily opened the door and made my way down to the kitchen. I slid into my favourite spot at the table. Mrs. Crosshawk set a heaping plate of spaghetti in front of me. I began eating ravenously, hardly noticing my sisters were in the room. “I can’t believe she’s eating,” Halo whispered.
Her voice made me look up. I studied my sister for a moment. Her brown hair hung past her shoulders and she was wearing the bracelet she had received as a family heirloom. What startled me was her smile. I returned to eating but her smile was etched in my brain.
I shoved my half-finished lunch away and stood up so suddenly that I knocked my chair over. I headed straight to the door, shoving off restraining hands. Out the door and down the steps I walked. Then I ran.
I ran harder than ever before. Only one thing was on my mind. Escape. It screamed inside my head and took control of my body. Escape. It blocked the sound of dogs barking and horns honking. Escape. I could only hear my feet pounding and heart thumping. Escape.
My vision blurred with tears. My heart ached for those I had lost, my dad, mom, and Darky. I wanted to scream so badly but I couldn’t make a sound. I had a lump in my throat and tears streamed down my face. I didn’t know where I was going; I just knew I had to go somewhere.
When I finally stopped running I was on a cliff. I knew the cliff well. My father had often brought me to it. It had been our special place. He hadn’t shown anyone other than me. It was the place he would take me when I was upset. It always seemed to calm me down and make me happy again.
I walked to the edge of the cliff and sat down with my legs dangling over the edge. I stared down at the rushing river below. The tears stopped coming and for the first time in the past three days I didn’t want to cry. My heart didn’t even ache as badly. A strange calmness had come over me, as it often did when I was upset and came here. A strange calmness seemed to draw me to the water.
As I looked down I remembered the name I had given it, just a short time before my father had died. Death Cliff had been the name. The river was Death River. These names were rightfully given for a short ways downriver was a waterfall. If you fell of the cliff you might survive but the river would drag you over the waterfall and to your doom. But for some reason it had always been the place I had felt most at home.
With great care I listened to the call of the water and got up. I headed for a dangerous path to the water and made my way down the path. I sat on a rock by the river and pulled my knees up to my chest. For a minute or two I just rocked back and forth and listened to the chatter of the river. “Dad… Dad I miss you. Halo tries to take care of me as best she can but she’s not you… Then Mom died and it all fell apart…” The last part was pretty much sobs.
When I calmed down again I simply stared at the water. It was mesmerizing, tempting me to walk into its depths. I resisted only because I knew its icy grip would sweep me down the river, down the river and to the waterfall.
“You would have liked him Dad. I know you would have. He was like you in so many ways. I wish you could have met him. I miss him so much,” I whispered.
I stayed where I was, staring into Death River, until the sun began to set. I reluctantly stood and picked my way up the cliff. The pain was gone, washed away by the river. I made my way home.
I walked into the house quietly and hurried to hush Kitty. I rubbed her ears and she wagged her tail. It brought a smile out of me. I end up going quietly up to my room. I left Kitty outside and closed the door. “Sorry baby,” I murmured.
Kitty whined and scratched on the door. I did my best to ignore her, as much as I needed her comfort. I frowned as I saw Fear’s newest sketchbook. Flipping through it made me realize how much my sadness affected them. Many of her drawings were of me, and those that weren’t were sad.
Tears came to my eyes and I dropped the sketchbook. With trembling hands I picked up one of my notebooks. I flipped to a blank page and stared at it for a moment. Grabbing a pen I took a deep breath and began to write.
Dear friends and sisters,

I know you love me and I want you to know I love you too. I hope you understand that no matter what I say or do I will always love you. I’ll never forget you. It couldn’t hurt me more to write this letter. I’m assuming you’ve noticed my absence. To put it simply I left. I left because it hurts me to see you every day. It hurts you to see me moping around. Someday I’ll come back, perhaps, when I find out who I am. When I know why this happens to me, I might return. I hope you can understand why I’m doing this. I hope you live good lives. Feardia Reina Lemaya, just keep writing. There is nothing to be scared of. You’re fearless. You always have been. Halo… Halo Rina Kartima, keep Fear safe. Protect her with all you’ve got. Don’t let her suffer like I have. Keep singing. I know you’ll be famous one day. Jagged Durkla, I have always known since the day I met you that we would be good friends. I hope someday you will have you’re your dream fulfilled and will own your own restaurant. Never give up. Sonic Kato Crosshawk, you are the greatest baseball player I know. Don’t give that up no matter what. Take care of Ghosty. If he’s like me… Then he’s going through a lot. Ghosty… Ghosty Crosshawk, I know not your middle name, nor your real last name. But I know you. I know you are brave. I know that you loved Darky more than even me. I know I’m being selfish in running off like this when if anyone should be leaving it should be you. But your strength helps you overcome things like that. In all honesty I’m jealous of you, jealous of your strength. Frosty Knyfe, I’m sad and happy all at once for you. Happy you missed seeing me so distraught, sad that you didn’t get to see Darky that one last time. I guess you’re last words to him were good bye.

I wish you the best. I know you knew him before me. You just keep up with your poetry. To all of you, I will think of you lots. I love you all.

Love, Willow Tonitrus Lemaya
Tears streamed down my cheeks as I signed the letter. I let Kitty in and rolled up the letter. I fished around in a drawer for a piece of string then tied the letter to her collar. I hugged Kitty tightly and kissed her on her ear. “Good girl. Bye Kitty Cat. I’ll miss you,” I whispered to her.
I gathered up the things I would need, as few objects as possible. An extra set of clothing, a jacket, and all the money I had. I considered stealing some of Halo’s money but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Lastly, I looked at my necklace.
The necklace was an heirloom, a precious token from my mother. I stared at it for a long while. I couldn’t decide and my mind was racing. Should I take something so important to my family? I put the necklace on as I made my decision.
The door opened and slammed shut. Two thunks; someone had probably thrown their shoes at a wall. I shooed Kitty out the door and hear Halo’s angry voice. “SHE CAN’T BE GONE,” she yelled.
I sighed and climbed out the window. I dropped the short fall then bolt across the lawn to the woods. As I hit the treeline I ducked behind a massive tree. I pressed my back against the tree and take deep breaths. My heart was racing. "You did it Willow. You don't have to make them sad anymore," I said to reassure myself.
Tears threaten to escape so I busy myself with walking deeper into the woods I knew so well. After about an hour of walking I was no longer in familiar woods. The trees looked tall and daunting. I saw the moon rising above the trees. I was exhausted and look for a place to sleep. It took a while but eventually I found a small, abandoned cave.
I walked into it and pulled a blanket out of my bag. I wrapped myself in the blanket and lay on the cold, hard cave floor. I shoved my bag under my head as a pillow. It took me a while to fall asleep.
I wake up sometime in late morning. I poked my head outside the cave then studied my surrounding. I couldn't see much so I walked out and explored the hill I then realized I was on. I could see just barely above the treeline but managed to see a small town. It brought concern and relief to see it so near. Relief because it would make it easier for me to get food and possibly a job, concern because if my sisters tried to find me it would make it easier.
Since I wasn’t as tired as I had been the previous night I noticed a stream on the opposite side of the hill. The stream made it the perfect place to stay. I just had a few things to do then I would be ready to live in the cave.
I walked down into the forest and whistled a bouncy tune. I began to collect pine branches with the hope that they would make a good bed. Sleeping on the cave floor wasn’t too enjoyable. After I had gathered a good amount I headed back to the cave.
When I got back to the cave I immediately used the branches to make a bed. I sat cross-legged on the bed and pulled my bag into my lap. I slowly pulled the contents of my bag out.
In the bottom of the bag, the last things I removed were pictures. Pictures of my sisters and I, some were of Sonic, Ghosty or Darky. Frosty and Jagged were in them too.
I flipped through the pictures slowly. Fear was doing cartwheels in the park in a few. Darky on our first date... Tears flowed from my eyes. Wonderful memories rush through me. Wonderful times that now make my heart feel like it’s been stabbed with a knife.
Tear after tear streaked down my dirty cheeks. I dropped the pictures and watched them flutter to the cave floor. I cried for the things I’d lost. I had lost so much.
Hours passed before I stopped crying. My throat was raw and my eyes were red and puffy. The sun was starting to set. My stomach rumbled with hunger. No food for it that night. I didn’t have any. I wrapped myself up in the blanket and curled up on my new bed. It took a while but finally I managed to fall asleep.
I woke up just before dawn. The moon just disappeared and it was dark. A cold hand gripped my throat and squeezed it closed in fear. I couldn’t move. As the sun rose I was released from the icy grasp of darkness. “Darky… I miss you,” I murmured.
A breath of wind rushed into the cave. I could almost hear his voice whisper, “Hush Willow, it’s okay.”
I remembered how he used to say that to me when I was upset. His smile had almost always cheered me up. It reminded me of Dad’s.
I took a deep breath and stood up. With my empty bag on my back and money in my pocket I headed for town. I had at least $100 to live off until I could find a job. As I walked I kept careful watch for any berries or food I might find. I also looked for discarded objects I might be able to use.
Just before I reached the town I found a well-worn trail. The trail headed towards town so I followed it. Five minutes later I was in town. An old sign informed me that town was called, Strawhill Village.
I went first to a small store. It sold mostly food but had a bit of most things. I decided to purchase as little as I could so as to save my money. I bought a bottle of milk, some dried meat, and a small loaf of bread. I hesitated when I came to the butter. I didn’t really need it but I wanted it. In the end, I picked up the butter and headed to the till. While I paid for my things I asked the man if he knew of any jobs I might be able to find. “Sorry kid, I don’t know anyone in need of helpers,” he replied.
I sighed; no jobs here. A lady bustled up behind me. She seemed nice, if her smile was anything to judge by. “Nonsense young man, I’ve come in almost every day asking if you knew anyone looking for work,” she said.
She turned to look at me. While she studied me, I studied her. She was plump and cheerful. She had blonde hair and sparkling green eyes. “I’ll hire you, if you can cook that is,” she announced.
I was stunned at her sudden appearance. I hadn’t expected somebody to offer me a job just like that. I stared at her for a moment or two. It must have been a bit too long because she laughed. “Well, can you?” she repeated.
I was still shocked and continued staring as I struggled to find an answer. “Yes, of course,” I sputtered.
She nodded and handed her items to the man. As the man scanned the bar codes the lady studied me once more. This time she was briefer. “I’m Mrs. Brass. Aside from cooking I would like you to laundry and tidy my house. What is your name?” she spoke briskly.
I nodded but hesitated to tell her my name. Doubtless my sisters were looking for me. “Anna, Anastasia Winter,” I finally said.
Mrs. Brass raised an eyebrow at my hesitation, but to my relief did not comment on it. She paid the man and he handed her the purchases in a bag. I followed her out of the store. Outside she gave me instructions on how to get to her house. When she was finished she looked me in the eye. “No, go home to your family. Be sure to tell them you got work. Oh, and be at my house at ten,” she said hurriedly.
I nodded and watched her leave then I hurried back to my cave with the items I purchased. As I arrived at the cave I saw Kitty sitting on my bed. “No, Kitty,” I moaned.
I went over and sat beside Kitty. To my surprise there was a note tied to her neck. I fumbled with the string but manage to free the message. I opened it and began reading.
Dear Willow,

We love and miss you dearly. We found Kitty scratching at your door. We figured a full grown golden retriever could come in handy. We wish you the best in all your endeavors. We won’t forget you.

The Nights Final Stand Gang

P.S. We decided we should have a name, since we’re such a large group of kids. Nights Final Stand seemed to fit. We’ve been on our “final stand” for a while. “Nights” was just because of some of the dark times we’ve been through.
I stared at the letter in shock. Kitty snuggled up to me and I dropped the letter. Finally I curled around Kitty; the tears I so desperately needed refused to come.
I don’t know when I fell asleep but I must have since I awoke early the next morning. I hurried out of the cave and down to the river.
I quickly washed and dressed in clean clothes. I washed my dirty clothes and spread them out over some bushes to dry. Then I headed back to the cave and ate.
It took me a while to decide what to do with Kitty. In the end I sent her home to my sisters. I simply couldn’t care for her. I managed to remember that Mrs. Brass had promised me lunch. So with my cave in perfect order I headed into town.
I arrived in town half an hour early. I quickly located Mrs. Brass’ house then headed for the store. I bought more milk and meat. I found a good hiding place near the store and stashed my food. When I was confident it was safe I hurried back to Mrs. Brass’ house.
Mrs. Brass greeted me at the door and led me inside and to the kitchen. Despite my protests she got me to eat some scrambled eggs. After I had eaten she showed me around the house and explained some of the jobs I would do. Lastly, she returned to the kitchen. There she showed me everything I would need to cook and bake.
I was delighted when she asked me to make chocolate chip cookies. Dad had taught me a secret family recipe. I set the oven to preheat then got to work.
I made the cookie dough like you would if you had a common recipe. Just before I added the chocolate chips I put in just a smudge of cinnamon. Not enough to make it noticeable, but just enough to detect it. When I was younger it used to be a game to guess what the secret ingredient was. I always enjoyed it and the thought made me smile.
When the cookies were baked Mrs. Brass tried one. I could tell by the look on her face that she couldn't quite place the taste of cinnamon. "These are delicious! I'll have you dust the house after lunch," she said.
I nodded and watched ravenously as she made me lunch. It was a sandwich which I consumed quickly. After I was finished Mrs. Brass said, "You’d best get started on that dusting now."
She showed me where the duster was and I set to work. The house was large and it took me a while to finish. It was about three by the time I was halfway done. Mrs. Brass paid me ten dollars and sent me home.
I came to a sudden stop when I arrived at the food. A little girl, about eight, was eating the food. When she saw me her eyes widened and she scrambled away from me. "Who are you?" I asked softly.

My voice seemed to calm her. Worse it gave her confidence. "I'm Demetria Fizzy," she announced.
I watched her for a moment. She definitely looked like she felt a lot braver. "Why were you stealing my food?" I asked as calmly as I could manage.
Demetria stared up at me. “It isn’t your food. Whoever finds it gets it. That’s the way the street works,” she said firmly.
She smirked at me and I frowned at her. I didn’t understand what she meant. I took my best guess and went with it. “You’re a street kid? Are you an orphan?” I asked quietly.
“What’s it to you?” Demetria demanded then seemed to change her mind and nodded sadly. “I became an orphan three years ago. I spent one year in the orphanage then ran, worst year of my life. Almost got killed… “She drifted off with a few shudders.
One name came to my mind, Dallas. After spending time in his orphanage I was almost certain that was where Demetria had been. “Demetria, was the orphanage run by Dallas and Holly?” I asked.
She stared at me with a glimmer of fear in her eye. Slowly, she nodded. I let out a long sigh. “Demetria, do you want to live with me? Dallas and Holly hurt me too, but they don’t run that orphanage anymore. I’m an orphan too,” I said.
She looked down and scuffed her foot on the ground. She shook her head and mumbled, “No…”
Her answer surprised me. She looked and sounded like she wanted to get out of the streets, to feel safe, but something seemed to hold her back. “Why not?” I asked.
She chewed on her lip and refused to look up at me again. The silence stretched on until she sighed and gazed up at me. “I can’t leave Sun,” she said so quietly I barely heard her.
I stared at her in shock, Sun? Could he be her brother? I was almost sure she didn’t mean the literal sun, the sun in the sky. I pondered it for a moment. “He can come too,” I decided.
I caught a glimmer of tears in Demetria’s eyes. “He can’t. Sun broke his leg a while back. He’s hurting real bad,” Demetria managed to choke out.
Again, I stared at her in shock. “Can you take me to him?” I asked.
She hesitated then nodded. She grabbed my hand and half led, half dragged me through alleys. Finally, we arrived in a dark and dingy dead end. A tattered blanket hid a corner from view. Demetria signaled for me to stop and moved forward towards the corner. “Deme? Is that you?” The voice sounded weak.
Demetria pushed the blanket aside and glanced back at me. I caught a forced smile on her face. “Yeah, it’s me Sun,” she said and beckoned me forward. “I brought someone to see you.”
As I stepped forward I saw Sun. I could barely see him in the dimly lit alley. He was leaning against a brick wall. He stared at me. “I’m Willow,” I said.
His hair was a mess and caked with dried mud. I caught a glimpse of gold, a mere flash, but enough to know it would shine like the sun if it were cleaner. He was skinny with hunger. I think he would have been tall if he had been standing; he had long legs. One leg was broken and bent at an odd angle. “Oh… Oh my,” I gasped.
The boy grimaced as he followed my gaze to his leg. Demetria glanced at me then tossed the rest of the meat to him. I hadn’t even noticed she had brought it. She handed him the milk. Sun practically inhaled the food and milk. When he was done he looked up at me. I was staring at his leg again. “Nasty isn’t it?” Sun asked.
I couldn’t help but nod. It looked horrid and painful. I wanted to look away but something held me. “You should get that looked at.”
Sun shook his heads. Deme glared at me. I never saw a glare with such fury as that one. “How could you think such-” Sun cut her off.
“Cool it Deme. She doesn’t understand, and how could she?” Sun said.
His words made her hold her tongue but she continued to glare at me. Sun turned his piercing green eyes to me. “I can’t go to the hospital Willow. I’m an orphan. They’d send me back to that horrid place once I was healed,” he explained.
Naturally this only strengthened my resolve. While I struggle to find a way his gaze did not waver. I could think of no possibilities. “Fine,” I mumbled.
He nodded and looked away. “You’re an orphan too, aren’t you?” he asked me gently.
Though his words were not meant to harm me, they burned like hot coals. I blinked back the inevitable tears. Memories of my father and mother flooded back to me. I didn’t respond; I couldn’t have even if I wanted to.
He must have taken it as a “yes” because he said, “You look like one who has lost a loved one recently.”
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PostSubject: Re: #4~ Flashback   7/30/2013, 6:28 pm

“I have. Life is hardly worth living. About a year and a half ago, my dad died. New Year’s Day I woke up and Mom was dead too. Then…” I hesitated and choked back tears. “Then my boyfriend disappeared, he’s most likely dead. I just want someone to relate too,” I broke off in sobs.
I sank to the ground beside Sun. He laid his hand on my shoulder as I sobbed and drew me closer to him. Deme sat on my other side. “You can relate to me,” Sun murmured in my ear. I sniffed and slowly stopped sobbing. “What happened to you?” I asked. Sun took a deep breath. “Like you, I am an orphan. I was orphaned at age  12. I was taken to an orphanage run by a kid named Dallas. I joined him as an enforcer. I had the life. I got the best food, best rooms, and
anything I asked for. All I had to do was deliver any punishment Dallas needed me to carry out. One day, he asked me to meet him in the woods. I’d been in the orphanage 3 years by then. I remember… I remember  Dallas’ exact words,” he broke off. He glanced at Deme, who was  struggling to keep calm, and sighed. “Deme, you don’t need to stay. I
know how much it hurts you to hear my story,” he said softly. Tears glimmered in his eyes. Deme shook her head; the movement was jerky, as if she had forced it. “He said to me, ‘A little girl, Demetria Fizzy, has run away. I want you to
kill her sister.’ With a wave of his hands he summoned four men. Two dragged a struggling Deme. The other two had her sister, Alyson,” he paused.
I saw him looking at Deme, as if he were remembering the moment. “Did you two run off? Together?” I couldn’t help but ask.
Sun shook his head sadly. “Dallas gave me his knife. I received the highest symbol of trust, and yet it was the most torturous act. My hands trembled as I forced myself to walk to Alyson. Deme screamed but she was cut off. My eyes locked on Alyson’s. Her emotions were so clear. Fear, anger, sadness, but, perhaps strongest of all, was love. It shocked me so much. I could hardly breathe. Her love for Deme was overwhelming.”
Deme scurried off. I think she couldn’t bear to listen anymore. I wanted to  run away with her. I knew I couldn’t, I had to hear the end of the story.
“When I was close enough I stopped. I remember squeezing my  eyes shut. I brought the knife up and… And… I killed her. I killed her, Willow,” Sun told me with a shudder.
I didn’t know what to say. Nothing I could’ve said would have changed what he did. Nothing could make him forget either. He was the first person I had ever known who had killed someone. I just stared at him.
“He let Deme go after that. She left, she ran away faster than a cheetah. I would have too if I were her. I watched numbly as they dragged away Opal’s body. I knew where they were taking it. To the Pit of the Dead. None of the orphans went there, not unless Dallas made them drag a body there. 2 months. I waited 2 months before I ran. Dallas was furious. I saw so many enforcers, my  former friends. I hid in a tree. I only went down at night, and even
then I was cautious. Dallas once thought I would do anything he asked, he thought I proved that when I killed Alyson. I nearly starved to death in that tree. Three weeks passed before I thought they had given up. I
was about to climb down when the voices of two enforcers startled me. I tried to scramble back up but it was too late, they saw me and I fell. I broke my leg in that fall. I was lucky though, I knew them. Enforcers work in teams of three. They were my teammates. It was because of them that I made it to this alley. They left me with some food.”
I stared at him. It was a long story, full of hardships. “I guess I can relate to you a bit,” I said slowly. I began to tell him my story, starting with the orphanage. When I was finished we hugged for a bit and an idea
began forming in my mind. “I’m taking you to the hospital. Before you object, let me explain. I can say you’re my friend Ghosty, he’s 15. I don’t care if my family finds me; I want you to get better. You might even get adopted,” I explained.
Sun nodded slowly. “How do you plan on getting me there? I can’t walk,” he said. I pondered his question for a few minutes. “I can call an ambulance for you,” I decided in the end.
He nodded and I hurried to find a phone. When I discovered a pay phone nearby I dialed 9-1-1. “Hello, Emergency Call Center. What is your emergency?” A voice chirped into my phone.
“My friend has a broken leg. I need to get him to the hospital,” I informed the lady.
She asked me where I was and I told her as best I could. It didn’t take very long before the ambulance arrived. Sun was loaded inside it and I climbed in to ride beside him. A paramedic asked him questions on how he
broke it during the trip. When we arrived they took Sun into an x-ray room. “We need to talk to his parents, do you know their number?” A clerk asked me.
I hesitated a moment. I didn’t want to let anyone find me. For Sun’s sake I gave in and told the lady the Crosshawks’ number. To my relief she handed me the phone and let me dial. I punched in their number and waited for an answer. “Hello?” Sonic’s voice called into the phone.
“It’s Willow. Put your mom on the phone,” I said.
I heard him yelling. A short conversation followed. “Willow? What is it? Is something wrong?” Mrs. Crosshawk sounded concerned.
“I need you to talk to a lady. I met someone… Just act like Ghosty’s in the hospital with a broken leg,” I told her.
After Mrs. Crosshawk agreed I sighed with relief. “I miss you guys. Bye,” I murmured before handing the phone back to the clerk.
I took a seat in the waiting room to wait. As I waited my fingers found a pen. I fiddled with it for a bit before digging a piece of paper out of my pocket. I paused to think before writing a short letter.
Dear Nights Final Stand Gang,
I like the name you guys chose. I miss you so much. I still won’t be coming home. I love you guys more than anything, even more than candy or writing.
Love, Willow Tonitrus Lemaya

As I signed the letter a doctor came out of the x-ray room. Sun was rolled deeper into the hospital room. “Ghost needs his leg broken again. It began to heal in the wrong way. We’ve talked to Mrs. Crosshawk and she’s on her way.
He could be in the hospital for a while,” the doctor explained.
I nodded and thought for a minute. “Here,” I said handing him the note. “Please make sure Mrs. Crosshawk gets this.”
I waited for him to nod before I stood up and left. I smiled back at him quickly before I walked out through the doors.
When I returned to the alley Deme was sitting in the corner. She looked up and I saw her anger and tears. She leaped to her feet and charged at me. I sidestepped and caught her up in my arms. She kicked and screamed at me. I hardly succeeded in containing her. “He’s okay! I took him to the hospital! Sun will be all right,” I yelled over her noise.
She calmed down and I released her. “What have you done? They’ll take him back to the orphanage,” she sobbed.
I sighed and hugged her. “He’ll be okay. I took him as one of my friends. He’ll probably be adopted,” I explained.
She sat in the corner again. I sat beside her and pulled her closer to me.
“I don’t understand. How could you forgive him? He killed your sister,” I murmured.
Demetria smiled sadly at me. “I didn’t know it was him at first,” she answered quietly. I nodded and waited to see if she would continue. “It was dark. I hated staying in one place for very long. I stumbled upon this alley one night. I almost didn’t see him. I tripped over his good leg actually. He was almost dead. I think some people used to bring him
food. Maybe his friends that brought him here. I gave him water and food. He was drinking water from a mud puddle. I don’t think he recognized me. I couldn’t leave him like that,” she stumbled over the last few words.
“I finally realized who he was. I kept helping him because I think he loved Alyson. Dallas knew I didn’t do a thing. He was testing Sun… If Sun could kill the girl he loved for Dallas, Dallas thought he would have complete power. He was wrong,” she muttered.
I squeezed her shoulder before standing. “I’ll go get some food. You wait here,” I said softly as I walked away. I
couldn’t have been gone more than ten minutes. I returned to the sound of Deme crying out. As I rounded the corner I came face to face with one of my biggest enemies; Holly. Dallas and Mara had Deme backed into a corner. Holly smirked at me as she stepped into my path. “How’s your  nose, Shoe-head?” I growled.
Dallas whirled around at the sound of my voice; his knife glinted in the dim light. Mara ignored me and continued edging towards Deme. “If it isn’t our little friend, Corn-syrup,” Dallas taunted me. Holly was giving me a death glare. If
she had been more bite than pretty she probably would have tried to murder me. “Um… Hey Dallas, if you don’t mind I’d really appreciate it if you let my friend go,” I said in the firmest voice I could manage.
Dallas chuckled and stepped towards me. It took all of my willpower to keep from giving way. “Now, now, calm down. Much like you, Demetria was in my orphanage. She’ll do anything I ask of her. She even helped catch you.”
I couldn’t resist the urge to gasp. Dallas snickered at my expression of horror. I was held in place by fear as Dallas approached. His hand gripped my shoulder and he leaned closer to me. “Don’t worry, if you’re good you won’t get hurt,” he whispered into my ear.
I shuddered and bolted. Dallas was ready and dragged me back. “They’ll come for me! Sonic beat you once, he can beat you again,” I squealed.
I was rewarded by a whack to the head. Keeping a firm grasp of my arm, Dallas beckoned Deme. She scampered towards him with some rope. He bound my hands firmly in front of me. As he tied another piece of rope around
my neck I bit his arm. He yelled in pain and kicked me in the shin. “Be nice or I’ll teach you some manners,” he growled.
“Why should I just allow you to kidnap me? Surely you knew I’d resist. I thought you were a bit smarter than that!” I taunted him.
He laughed and Holly smirked at me. “Cause we have your pretty, little boyfriend,” she sneered at me.
Dallas nodded victoriously and I reluctantly allowed him to tie the rope around my neck. How could I resist? When he was finished he stepped back and tugged on rope. It jerked tighter and I stumbled forward. My hands shot up to the rope and tugged it looser. “Are you trying to kill me Dallas?” I demanded.
He snickered at me. “Of course I’m not. If I wanted to kill you I’d use much more painful methods. I’m trying to
teach you to shut up and follow my orders,” he replied.
I bit back my response. Holly walked by me and out of the alley. Deme scurried after her. Mara gave me a mean look as she left. I was left alone with Dallas. He studied me silently. His gaze fell upon my cheek. I knew he was looking for the cut he placed there in January. I still had a thin scar from the bite of his knife. It was almost invisible. “Your cheek healed nicely,” he commented.
I nodded. “Wasn’t much of a cut. More of a scratch really,” I responded as calmly as I could.
He chuckled a bit. “Bet that sister of yours has a nasty scar. What was her name? Felicity? Feather? Ah, that’s it Freak.” Dallas’s mocking tone made me cringe.
Tears flooded my eyes as memories of that day flooded my mind. “Fear, her name is Fear,” I whispered.
He didn’t respond and I don’t know if he even heard me. He led me out of the alley. Our route was mostly alleys and back roads. Finally, we were out of town. He led me down a narrow path through the woods. We came to an old, but large, house. I followed Dallas up the stairs and into the house. He led me to a post, the sturdiest looking thing in the room. My rope was tied to the post. He tied my feet together firmly. “I almost hope you’ll run,” Dallas commented. “Then I could catch you and kill you.”
I looked away. Something he had said bothered me but I couldn’t place it. Dallas stretched out on the couch. “Demetria!” he yelled.
I looked up to watch Deme scurry into the room. She carried a plate, full of food, to Dallas. I waited until she scampered out of the room before looking at Dallas and asking, “why me?”
He finished his mouthful then looked at me. “I have a grudge on your family and Sonic, you loved Darky, Holly and I don’t like you because you trashed our rooms, and frankly, you are the easiest to manipulate. Embrace your inner dark
side Corn-syrup, it’ll be easier for you,” he said.
He resumed his meal as I thought over his words. When his plate was empty, Dallas looked at me expectantly. I knew he wanted my answer but I didn’t have one yet. “I won’t make any decision until I talk to Darky,” I told him.
Dallas smiled slightly. “I must warn you, Willow. Darky isn’t the same boy you first met,” Dallas said softly.
I hesitated before nodding. What could Dallas have done to change him? I wondered but aloud I only insisted, “I still want to talk to him.”
Dallas called for Mara to fetch Darky. We waited in silence, I stared at Dallas and he stared at me. A knock came from the door and Dallas sat up and invited Darky in to sit on the couch. “Darky I missed you so much,” I said softly, tears gathering in my eyes.
Darky simply looked at me. I searched his eyes for any sign of regret. Anything to tell me that the Darky I knew was still in him. Dallas had been truthful when he said Darky was different. Some might have been for the best, he looked
more confident in himself. He looked more at home there than I had ever seen him before. “I’m sorry Willow. I wanted to leave you a note but Dallas said it would be better if I didn’t,” Darky explained.
I noticed a change in his voice too. It was firmer. It sounded deeper and had a slight edge to it as well. It took a moment for me to grasp what his words meant. “You… You didn’t get forced to come?” I asked.
Darky glanced at Dallas with an unspoken question. Dallas nodded in response. “Ghosty has tried to control me my whole life Willow. I wish you could have known earlier but I thought you would hate me… Ghosty told me you
would. He didn’t want anyone else to know either. Ghosty and Dallas are twins. They’re by no means identical… Dallas is my older brother. I’m not an orphan. My name is Lewis Dark Zigmon. At the orphanage I was called Darky because Ghosty and I hid in the shadows and were somewhat like ghosts… Dallas wanted me to live out my full potential,” Darky informed me.
Dallas smiled at me and leaned forward. “I only said what I had to so you would cooperate. I wanted you here in one piece and not bleeding,” Dallas said.
I took a deep breath to help keep me from freaking out. “If you want me to join you I will do it, if there is a logical reason to. Now is your chance to shock me with pretty words Dallas,” I said.
It came out much better than I had expected. I
almost thought I sounded like a sly person. Dallas seemed a little
shocked too. “We’re sort of a rebellion, Corn-Syrup. It’s time we some
change. Kids rebel against adults and get nowhere. Adults suppress kids
and teens. They don’t allow them to live out their full potential.
Someone needed to change things,” Dallas explained.
It sounded
reasonable and logical enough. “I bet your Daddy is sooooo proud,” I
hissed, although I was utterly impressed by his ideas.
Dallas rolled
his eyes. “Thanks to you, your idiot friend made my ‘daddy’ aware of
what exactly went on behind his back. Sorry but he might not be
impressed. He kicked me out of his family and wants nothing to do with
me. I’ve lost enough to be completely dedicated to this rebellion,”
Dallas hissed.
I nodded. “I’ll join you on one condition. My friends
and family are left completely out of this and are completely safe, this
includes Ghosty,” I declared.
Dallas handed Darky the knife.
“Release her but leave the rope around her neck. I want her to remember
who’s in charge here,” Dallas said.
Darky cut my ropes and freed me
from the posts. Instead of hugging me as I had expected he handed the
knife back to Dallas and left abruptly.
I stood up and rubbed my
wrists. I jerked the rope around my neck and let it fall to the ground. I
sat on the couch and glared at Dallas. “I’m not your pet, Dallas. I
will join you but I won’t just serve you blindly.” My voice was full of
“Willow I hope you realize that I’m in charge here.” After my
nod Dallas continued, “You have to listen to me now. If I say you’re my
pet, you are. Don’t expect me to excuse your actions because you’re
dating Darky. Who knows, maybe he’ll dump you soon. I’m not scared to
punish you. Don’t cross me Willow, you won’t win,” Dallas said in a low
“Dallas, you were right about Darky. He has changed. He’s not
mine anymore, he’s yours. I guess I’m yours now to. Just remember I’m
not joining only because you can sweet talk me with words, I’m here
because I have a family to protect. Don’t think I won’t turn against you
first chance I get. I’ll serve you, just don’t even think about
touching my family,” I warned him.
Dallas chuckled and I smirked at
him. My stomach rumbled and Dallas called for some more food. To my
surprise Holly was the one who brought the food. She shoved the meal
into my lap and sat by Dallas. I began eating as soon as I could. I
didn’t pay much attention to Dallas and Holly. I knew they were
discussing me but I didn’t bother to find out more.
When I was full I set the plate on the floor and leaned back. “Nice to see you again Holly.” I greeted her with sarcasm.
Holly ignored and kissed Dallas. After she sent a glare in my direction she stood up and walked out of the room.
Dallas didn’t say anything I took my chance to look around the room. On
the far side was a table by a window. Through the window I could see
the sun setting. It was one of the most beautiful things I had seen in a
long time.
I wondered how Sun was doing. A thought suddenly struck me. Dallas hadn’t wanted me. “You wanted Sun,” I said quietly.
looked surprised and clapped in a way which I was certain was supposed
to mock me. “Took you long enough to guess. Sun was my initial target
but you have a bigger revenge taste. I would have had Sun back under my
thumb, but now I have you. Indeed you seem like a better target,” Dallas
The room was growing dark and Dallas motioned for me to
go to the post. I went reluctantly and Dallas followed me over with some
rope. After he tied me to the post again he whispered, “I still don’t
trust you Corn-Syrup. Have a nice sleep.”
I watched him go and settled down for a long and uncomfortable night.
I was half asleep when someone crept into the room. I opened my eyes as the person sat beside me. “Darky?” I whispered.
arm wrapped around my shoulders and drew me closer to him. It was
definitely Darky. “Hush Willow, it’s going to be okay,” he whispered in
my ear.
Emotions started welling up inside of me. Anger that he left
without telling me, happiness that he was back; I even found myself
missing my father. “Get out,” I hissed, giving in to my anger. “I
thought you were dead. You betrayed me for Dallas. You aren’t who I
loved. Leave me alone.”
He didn’t let go of me though and a part of
me was glad. He kept me trapped in his warm embrace. I sighed and gave
in. I rested my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. I fell asleep
in his arms with the smallest of smiles on my face.
I woke up and
Darky was gone. Dallas was watching me as he ate breakfast. A plate full
of food sat beside him on the couch. He must have cut me free because
the ropes were gone. I got up and headed for the food. “I have to go. I
got a job in town,” I said between bites.
Dallas set his empty plate
on the ground. “You can go and tell your employer you quit. My friend
Rock will accompany you. Am I clear?” Dallas asked.
I nodded and he
summoned Rock. As Rock walked into the room I quickly studied him. He
was tall, fit and solidly built. I thought back to my few days in the
orphanage and tried to remember if he had been there. I hadn’t noticed
much of Dallas or his group on the first day but I managed to recall
Rock standing beside Dallas.
Suddenly, it came to me. Rock had been
one of the people who had held Fear. Rock was the person Fear had kicked
when she tried to get free. “You’re Dallas’s right hand man, aren’t
you? The one Fear kicked,” I said.
Rock nodded and said, “I’m the one who found Dallas after you shoved him in that shed.”
hurried us out of the house. Rock and I walked in silence to Strawhill.
When we arrived I led the way to Mrs. Brass’s house. She opened the
door after my knock with a large smile. “Hello Anna! Oh, who’s this?”
she chirped.
Rock stepped forwards and shook her hand. “I’m Josh, Anna’s older brother,” he introduced himself.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Josh. I don’t suppose you want to tell me what you are doing here?” Mrs. Brass asked.
smiled at her. “Yes, of course. My mother was very unhappy when she
heard Anna got a job. She insisted Anna quit immediately and sent me to
make sure she did. I’m very sorry Mrs. Bass. My mother has the strangest
ideas on how to run a household,” Rock told her.
Mrs. Brass chuckled
a bit and said she was sad to see me go. We said our good-byes and
left. On the way back we made a quick detour to my cave and got my
stuff. I was glad I had sent Kitty home already. “Bye cave,” I murmured
as we left.
The silence became irritating when we headed back to the old house. “How’d you meet Dallas?” I finally asked.
glanced around then led me off the path. We found two stumps and sat on
them and stared at each other for what felt like ages. “I met him 9
years ago,” Rock told me, breaking the silence. “We were neighbors. He
was six and I was eight. We were so different…. His dad was so rich and
his mother was dead. My parents were poor and we worked hard for
everything. We only really knew each other for a few months before my
parents got in a crash and died. My Dad was a drinker and he was driving
drunk that day. I got sent to the orphanage. Two years passed and
Dallas showed up one day, along with Ghost and Dark.”
“What was Darky like back then?” I interrupted Rock.
sighed. “I think the poor boy was almost insane. Ghost and Dallas
fought constantly. They both wanted their little brother to love them…
When they weren’t quarreling they were actually fun. I always liked
Dallas better. He was more creative and adventurous. Ghost was just some
goody two shoes who I couldn’t care less about. I wasn’t really around
Dark enough to get to know him.”
I nodded as I realized just how
little I really knew about Darky. “How did Dallas become evil? He sounds
like he was a nice enough kid,” I asked.
Rock stood up. “It time to go back,” he said and to my surprise, offered me his hand.
took it and he helped me up. The silence, as we hurried back to the
orphanage, was more comfortable than before. I allowed me time to think.
Unexpectedly my thoughts turned to Sun. If Deme knew, couldn’t Sun have
been in on this? If he was, then my family was in danger.
I followed
Rock into the house and took a seat on the couch. My fingers numbly
traced the designs on the cushion. The more I thought about Sun the more
I began to think he was on Dallas’s side. Terror gripped me more and
more and I began to push it away. As I pushed away my fear I began to
shove off all emotion. I started feeling like a shell, like I was empty.
Rock left but I didn’t even notice.
Time dragged on until Rock
re-entered, followed by Dallas. One of them handed me food which I
automatically ate, but I ate slowly and brainlessly. “Rock has told me
he finds you’re trustworthy,” Dallas said.
A small section of my mind
registered his words and rejoiced. I remained silent until Dallas spoke
again, “as much as I trust Rock… I can’t bring myself to put that much
trust in you. I know you agreed to join me but I don’t want you just
running off so I’ve decided that one person will accompany you at all
I heard that part. I heard every word of it. All I gave him
was a small nod. All I could force my body to do was a small nod. I
expected Mara would be my guard but Dallas called from somebody named
Ala had dark brown hair that hung down to her chin. She was
small and fit. I didn’t know much about Japan, but she looked Japanese.
She surprised me a little by bowing her head to Dallas and Rock. “Hello,
Dallas, Rock. You called for me?” she said.
“Ala, I would like you
to meet our newest, um, member, Willow. Perhaps you would show her
around and introduce her to a few people. Be sure not to lose her, she’s
important,” Dallas said sharply.
Somehow my emotions came back to me
with those words. Mostly it was anger. Dallas treated me like dirt and
had the nerve to go and call me important. I kept my feelings hidden
because I had the sense to see they would probably only get me into
trouble. “Come on then Willow, let’s go meet some people,” Ala urged me.
I stood up and waited for Ala to lead the way. “I’ll come too,” Rock offered just as Ala started to leave.
frowned and grabbed his shoulder. “I have a job for you. Let the girls
go by themselves,” he told Dallas, I could tell he was a little angry
that Rock wanted to come with us, though I couldn’t see why.
agreed, but it seemed to be with a whole lot of reluctance. Ala led me
deeper into the house. She introduced me to plenty of people, and I made
a point of forgetting their names just to annoy Dallas. Ala brought me
last to a field out behind the house. A boy stood in the field, picking
up rocks and throwing them a few feet. The rocks weren’t massive but
they were big enough to weigh a lot. Ala stopped just before we reached
the edge of the field. I think she didn’t want to leave the bushes.
“That’s Barley,” she told me in a dreamy voice.
I could tell she
liked him a lot. I think I used to talk like that about Darky to my
sisters. It was hard to think about after his betrayal… “You like him,” I
Ala looked and me and blushed. “Yeah… Is it that obvious?” she asked, sounding really concerned.
looked at Barley, then back at Ala. Love was so beautiful, yet it could
be so delicate. I had seen what the absence of love can do. The pain it
brings. It was enough to drive me nearly insane. I wanted to tear out
my heart sometimes. I never wanted love again.
“I don’t think he
knows… It’s not that obvious. Ala love is dangerous,” I warned her. “It
seems innocent and precious… And it is. But love stole my heart and
broke it in two… Just by leaving.”
Ala frowned and tilted her head slightly. “But Darky’s here now… with you,” she said.
bubbled up inside of me. “Darky betrayed me… He had my love and he
threw it all away for my worst enemy. I can’t believe him,” I growled.
eyes flashed with surprise at the fierceness in my voice. I regretted
my harsh tone but not my words. “He still loves you, Willow.” Ala’s soft
voice calmed me down a little.
I let out a long sigh and tried not
to believe it. I knew he still loved me though. The night before had
been proof enough. A tiny part of me still loved him. “I hope your happy
with Barley,” I muttered.
Ala smiled sadly and laughed. “I doubt I will be happy with him. I don’t think he even knows I exist,” she explained.
couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. “Gah, why don’t you introduce me
to him? Dallas has to think you’re important if he placed you in charge
of me.”
Ala stared at me. I knew I was acting all weird and moody but
I couldn’t help it. One minute I was angry, the next I was nice. “Ok,”
she agreed.
Ala strode forward and I trailed after her. “Hey Barley,” she called over to him.
He threw his rock a couple of feet and turned to face us. “Who’re you?” he asked as he walked over to us.
looked at me with a look of despair on her face. “I’m Willow. Dallas
asked Ala here to show me around and introduce me to people. I guess she
must be pretty important in his books,” I told him, taking a few steps
towards him.
Barley closed the gap between us so he was look down on
me. After a few moments he stepped back. “You’re that girl Darky always
talks about,” he said.
I could feel my cheeks growing red and I hoped my hair hid it. “Why do you lift those rocks?” I couldn’t help but ask him.
“It’s like lifting weights. I’m one of the strongest people here. Others come out here too, Rock and Mara mostly.”
nodded; I could imagine Rock and Mara lifting boulders out here. “Ala,
if you’re not busy tonight, I’d like you to help me gather some
supplies. Dallas said I could pick my own team,” Barley told her.
Ala’s eyes glimmered with excitement. “Yes… Yes, of course, but why me?” Ala asked him.
rolled my eyes; if I were her I probably wouldn’t have asked and just
went. Barley grinned at her. “Who else is perfect to go? You’re light,
fast and fit. Dallas clearly trusts you. Who better to rob stores with
than a Japanese girl? You could be a ninja!” Barley exclaimed.
don’t think they were paying attention to me anymore. I could’ve slipped
away, right then, right there. I could have left. I didn’t though.
Slowly I was changing. I began to accept Dallas and what he did.
voice jerked me out of my musings. “We better go. I have to show Willow
her room and talk to Dallas about tonight,” she said.
I nodded in agreement. “I’ll come with you two. Supper should be soon anyway,” Barley told us.
mostly sounded to me like he just wanted an excuse to hang out with
Ala. It seemed like he liked her too. I fell behind as we walked back to
together. I could’ve left again. I started thinking that Dallas chose a
bad person to guard me. I followed, feeling as small and helpless as a
When we got to the house Ala showed me to my room and Mara
took over guard duty. Everyone went to eat but I didn’t. I didn’t want
food. I just sat there on my bed. Mara grumbled about wanting food but I
ignored her.
I missed Halo and Fear. I wanted to see Ghosty and
Sonic again. I missed seeing jagged and Frosty. I missed loving Darky. I
felt like I couldn’t love him anymore. I missed Kitty. I wished I had
left while I had the chance. I missed the way things had been. I missed
my parents to… In fact, I missed Dad most of all.
I fell asleep think
of Darky and my dad. My dreams were filled with the two of them. I woke
up in the middle of the night to find my pillow was wet with tears. I
glanced around to find everyone sleeping.
I slipped out of bed and
crept over to the door. I opened it as quietly as it could, and though
it creaked a little, no one woke up. Darky sat outside the door. “I’m
coming with you,” he insisted quietly.
I cringed; those had been his
exact words back at the orphanage and the words that had led to me
falling in love with him. I wondered if he remembered. He knew I was
running and that’s for certain. “I-I’m just going to, uh, the washroom,”
I stammered.
“You’re running. I know that. I’m sorry Willow. Let’s just go home and forget about it,” Darky whispered.
paused and glanced around. My heart screamed at me to say yes, but my
mind could only think of his betrayal. My mind won. “No,” I answered
him, before walking away down the hall.
I didn’t look back. I didn’t
want to see his face. I didn’t want to see his disappointment. More than
that, I didn’t want him to see what was in my heart. I didn’t want him
to see how badly I wanted him to come running after me.
I walked out
of the house and down the path away from it. I slowly made my way to the
hospital. I paused at the door. I wasn’t ready to go home. Dallas would
be furious. I took a deep breath and pushed open the doors and walked
into the hospital. I step by step made my way to the desk. “Can you tell
if there is boy named Darky- I mean Ghosty, sorry- here?” I asked her.
The lady nodded and typed something before saying, “He’s here, but only his parents are supposed to be with him.”
I nodded slowly. I didn’t quite know my plan yet. “Is someone with him right now?” I finally asked.
She shrugged. “I’m not sure but I can go check for you. If there is I’ll bring them out to see you. Please wait here.”
watched her go and sat in a chair to wait. She returned after a few
minutes. “His mother, Mrs. Crosshawk, is with him. She said she’ll be
out in a minute,” the clerk told me.
I nodded and drummed on the
armrests of my chair. Mrs. Crosshawk appeared soon. When she saw me she
awkwardly hugged me. I got up so she could have a better hug. I sank
gratefully into her arms and was more than happy to just let her hug me.
“We missed you, Willow,” she whispered in my ear.
She released me
and took a step back. I could tell she wanted an answer. I didn’t say
anything. I didn’t know what to say. I could’ve told her why I left or
where I went. I just sank back into my chair and sat there with her
staring at me. I knew I had to tell someone Dallas was back. Someone
needed to be warned about Sun too. “I need to talk to Jagged,” I finally
I chose Jagged because she seemed like the only person who
wouldn’t judge me in the same way as everyone else. She might at least
be a little unbiased. She didn’t know Dallas quite like the rest of us.
She only knew what we had told her. She might understand why I did, what
I did.
Mrs. Crosshawk was confused but didn’t ask questions and just
pulled out her cell phone and made a call. I tried to relax and just
wait but something made me keep glancing at the door. What if Dallas
comes to find me? I asked myself.
When at last the door opened I was
glad to see it was Jagged and her father. She looked surprised to see
me. If Mr. Durkla was surprised, he didn’t show it. “Willow! Where have
you been?” Jagged demanded as she hurried over to me.
I smiled a
little as we hugged. “That’s not important. I need your help. I met
someone I know… Well actually it’s Dallas. I sort of joined him. He has
Darky. Darky is…” I trailed off. Telling her that Darky and Dallas were
brothers could make Ghosty seem evil or something. It was Ghosty’s
secret not mine. “Never mind that, Sun could be on their side too. I
have to go back now; Dallas might come looking for me. I’ll miss you,” I
said hurriedly.
Jagged shook her head pushed me back into my chair when I stood up. “You can’t just run off again Willow,” she told me.
“You don’t get it Jagged! I have to, before Dallas comes to find me. He’ll hurt someone if I don’t leave now,” I insisted.
pulled out her phone and called someone, probably my sisters. I took my
chance and ran. Out the door and down the street I ran. The sun was
already beginning to rise. I slowed to a jog and headed for Dallas’s
I returned to find a frantic group of people. Dallas was furious. “She has to be here somewhere!” he bellowed.
saw me but looked away. Only a few moments later Deme saw me too. She
pointed me out to Dallas. Ala and Barley, who both looked dead tired,
seized me. Dallas stormed towards me, followed by Darky. “Where have you
been?” Dallas demanded.
I had already prepared my answer. “I went
for a walk. You didn’t think I ran away did you? I should have left a
note,” I said icily.
Dallas glared at me. “Walk,” he hissed and Ala and Barley turned me around and headed for the woods.
heard Dallas saying something to Deme. We walked a short way into the
woods until we came to a clearing. We stopped there and it reminded me
of the clearing by the orphanage. I’m turned around so I can face Dallas
then released. My two guards don’t leave, but hover beside me.
hardly dare to move. Deme scurries into the clearing. I don’t know why
he wanted her there. “Someone get Holly… And bring Rock too,” Dallas
Ala left to get them. Dallas moved closer to me. I knew he
was trying to intimidate me so I resist the urge to back away. “You
didn’t go for a walk. I’m no idiot. Now where were you?” he asked.
and Holly arrived, followed by Rock. I smiled slightly, now was my
chance to try and make Dallas look bad. “You will never know Dallas. I’m
not yours. I know you can’t kill me unless you want to lose Darky. I
might help you, but I will not give everything up for you,” I answered
His frustration grew as he realized I was right. He couldn’t kill me. I paused to let it sink in before asking, “Can I go now?”
shook his head and dragged Deme towards me. “You wanna be something
more than a, well for lack of a better word, servant? Kill her,” he
ordered Deme and shoved his knife into her hands.
That was one of
those moments when I realized I was crossing someone a whole lot more
dangerous than me. Deme, Demetria Fizzy, took a single step towards me
before something, or someone, leaped out of a tree. The figure kicked
Deme in the temple and landed lightly beside me. A knife flashed from
her hand and buried itself in Deme’s heart as she crumpled to the
All of the sudden I saw battles raging all around me. Jagged
stabbed Holly in the back; Sonic was fighting Barley and winning; Ghosty
was facing Ala.
Halo got knocked aside by Dallas. He came at me with
his knife. He lunged at me and stabbed me in my chest. I think it was
near my heart. My hand clutched desperately at the wound, trying to stop
the blood that gushed out. My mind began to grow muddled. I heard a
scream, I don’t know if it was mine or not. I fell to the ground. I saw
Dallas coming to finish me off before blackness swirled around me. My
life flashed before my eyes.
Noise returns first. I hear beeps and
rustles. Muddled voices come next. Then pain. The worst pain I have
ever felt, an agonizing pain near my heart. “Will she wake up soon?” A
girl’s voice asks.
I struggle to find a name for the voice. My mind
is so cloudy and sluggish. I think it’s Fear. I don’t hear an answer. I
try to open my eyes. I want to show my little sister I’m alright. I
can’t though. My eyes won’t open and when I try to speak my mouth won’t
move. I try to move my fingers and my toes but those too refuse to move.
terrifies me. I’ve never felt so helpless. It’s like I’m trapped in
someone else’s body. With nothing else to do I let my mind go blank and
It’s hard to track time when you can only hear. I don’t know
how blind people do it. I begin to tune out sounds too. When I am sure
hours have pass I try to move again. I manage to wiggle my fingers a
bit. I keep trying to open my eyes and I finally can. I open them slowly
and wince at the light. I can see Frosty. “She’s awake!” she cries out.
She runs out and Fear comes in. “It’s one at a time,” she explains quietly to me.
nod a little so she knows I understand. “We missed you a lot. Dallas
would have killed you if they hadn’t shown up. Jagged killed Holly and
Sonic killed some muscular man he didn’t know. A Japanese girl was
heartbroken to see him die. She got away. So did Dallas and some other
guy. Holly killed the tiny girl who they said was going to kill you too.
I’m glad you’re okay. Willow you are amazing you can overcome fears to
reach a point where you are perfect or seem perfect you might seem
fragile in a term but you are strong. You can take anything someone
might do and turn it into something good. I`m sure of it. Don’t die on
us please,” she murmurs the last part.
I don’t know if someone has
ever said something nicer to me. I feel really happy. Here in this
hospital room I feel so safe. Fear leaves and Halo comes in. She talks
to me for a while and tells me how much she missed me. She tries to say
something about Darky but, now that I can talk, I tell her I don’t want
to hear about him. She shuts up about him. They circle through my
friends and adopted family. Most of them try to talk about Darky too but
I won’t listen. I start to get the idea that there’s something I should
hear about him but I feel too betrayed to listen.
It’s horrible that
I have to wait a few weeks to get out of the hospital. I guess I got
stabbed pretty badly. I just want to go home. I want to go see Death
Cliff again. I think that when I get out I’ll go fishing in Death River.
Dad used to love fishing there. I miss him a lot.

The End

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It's amazing willow. And this time, I didn't die. Razz
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Lol yeah, I worked hard fixing that for you. And thanks... i think it's my favourite

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Lol, this one is my second favorite, or was it my third...? I dun remember.
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I think I like this one cause it's about me and so nicely done

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Lol, yeah it's very nicely done.
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Lol thanks, I can't wait to rewrite it though.

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#4~ Flashback
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